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What are the best things to do on weekends in Thanjavur?

We are including off-beat locations in Tanjore. You can do the following in a sequential manner.

  1. Start off the morning visiting Hotel Coffee Palace (near Kaasu kadai street) as early as 6:30 am for a hot coffee and breakfast. Don't go to the one near the bus stand
  2. Head to the Palace - visit Palace museum, darbar hall, saraswati mahal, bell tower
  3. Visit the handicrafts society just opposite to Saraswati Mahal
  4. Have lunch. You can either have unlimited meals for Rs. 60 again at Hotel coffee palace or you can drive on the outskirts to posh hotels like Adyar Ananda Bhavan or Junior Kuppanna where you can spend fortune to have meals
  5. If it is a sunny day (which is most likely), I suggest you take an afternoon nap
  6. Around 4:30 pm, you can enter the magnificent Tanjore Brihadeeshwar temple and you can spend the whole evening there. Saturday being a special day for Lord Shiva, the environment will be vibrant. If you are lucky, you will get to witness Live carnatic music and Bharatnatyam performance too.
  7. Go for a late night show in any of the theatres. You can drop by and purchase tickets. Tickets will always be available. There is no concept of Saturday night rush, etc in Tanjore unlike in metros

Come Sunday morning:

  1. You can visit Poombuhar - art emporium run by the government of Tamil Nadu where you get to see some stunning art work except for Tanjore Paintings. I must say they dont have the best collections. So for Tanjore Paintings, you can visit Chola Impressions workshop where we make the best of Tanjore Paintings. Since it is a sunday, a prior appointment will ease your visit
  2. Once done, you can stroll through the south main street where they make Veena and Tanjore Art plates. You could get in touch with us for appointments with these artists
  3. Take rest in the noon and in the evening, you can visit Sivaganga park (which has deteriorated, yet a nice place to be) which is behind Tanjore Big temple
  4. You can again visit Big temple (I have visited a thousand times, yet it gives a great feeling every time I visit) If you are an art enthusiast, two full days wont suffice taking note of the sculptures and paintings in the temple
  5. Once done, you can walk to the evening market to get the local flavour. It is an interesting place which is the confluence of different culture within Tanjore.

This marks the end of your weekend :)

  • There are other places like - Tamil University, its Library (which is very less known even among the locals) This library is huge and is closed on Sundays. Anyone can enter the library. The campus has lot of peacocks. You will have to drive slowly as these peacocks roam freely on the road.
  • You can drive into NIT Trichy campus which is just outside Tanjore. It is a nice place too.
  • You can visit Tanjore Annai Sathya Stadium. It is one of the oldest in Tamil Nadu. It is an amazing place to jog, walk, swim and play. It has lot of trees and has a soothing environment
  • If you are looking to hang out for a conversation, there is a Cafe coffee day near Vallam. It is empty and calm most of the time

We will add more if we find any more interesting places

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