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Where to learn Tanjore Paintings?

 This is a very pertinent question in every Tanjore art enthusiast's mind - Where to learn Tanjore Paintings? While thinking about it, so many questions arise in one's mind

  • Will anyone teach an art that is kept secretly among a few ones?
  • Will the entire process be taught?
  • Is it good to take online sessions on Tanjore paintings? Afterall it is easy to just sit at home and learn it through a conference
  • What is the ideal time duration for one to understand the intricacies of Tanjore paintings?
  • Is the fee going to be very high if we learn at Tanjore as claimed by the so-called experts on social media?

We are here to demystify all such points about learning Tanjore paintings in Tanjore.

  1. We at Chola Impressions, have been teaching students, art enthusiasts, amateurs and apprentices Tanjore Paintings successfully over the years. Each participant walks out of our production facility having fully learnt the beautiful art. When you can learn Tanjore Paintings in Thanjavur itself, why go elsewhere?
  2. Every single process will be taught at our production facility. Even after the classes, support will be provided to help fine tune students' skills.
  3. Nothing is better than on-the-job-training. Online classes won't be of any help especially in Tanjore paintings. We advise against doing online sessions, as you wont be able to gain much skills
  4. One month is ideal to attain moderate skill level in Tanjore paintings. It is neither too short, nor too long especially for people who have time constraints. After the class, the candidates are expected to train regularly if they are serious about continuing their work on the beautiful art
  5. We have given walk-through to students from fashion design/ Fine art colleges about the process of making Tanjore Paintings. Live demos given on special request
  6. We have trained many students who wanted to learn Tanjore Paintings. Once the course is complete, we provide the necessary materials and support so that they can continue learning the art. 
  7. We have trained apprentices and absorbed them into our company as artists thereby generating local employment and providing livelihood to artisan families
  8. The entire training will be given at our production facility where we make our paintings. Guided by expert artists who make our masterpiece paintings. Participants could even see how the creative thoughts unfold in our artists' minds while trying to create a masterpiece
  9. We provide session plan and follow it in a very organized way. We also provide basic training material which allows the participants to practice at home during the session duration. The duration is highly flexible.
  10. Teaching is done on individual basis so that due importance is given to each and every participant. We usually limit our students to 4-5 at a time to maintain high teaching quality
  11. We issue Course completion certificate at our own capacity specifying the duration and the capability of the candidate. Chola Impressions is a highly respected and reputable brand in art industry. So we believe that the certificate might prove useful to the candidates at certain occasion. Lastly, the fee is very moderate as we intend to create more artists in Tanjore paintings, which would directly result in preserving the exquisite art form

Get in touch with us if you would like to learn Tanjore Paintings under the guidance of most capable artists and a highly reputed Art Company. Write to us at connect@cholaimpressions.com or call us at +91-787-505-4510  

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