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Where to buy Tanjore Paintings?

Where to buy Tanjore Paintings?



This is a pertinent question in the minds of many art lovers. In this post, we will elucidate you as much as we can on the various quality aspects of Tanjore Paintings which will serve you as a guiding mechanism while purchasing Tanjore paintings. Using these pointers, you can decide yourself on where to purchase the paintings

We will keep this post as brief as possible. For each point highlighted below, we will create a separate post under the name 'Chola Impressions Tanjore Paintings Quality Series' which will have a very detailed explanation on how it matters to the life of the Tanjore Paintings. Pointers are listed below in the order of importance:

  • Look for Authenticity certificate for the 22 Carat Gold foil - The most unique thing about Tanjore Paintings is the 22 carat gold foils stuck on the embossed areas. But unfortunately some manufacturers are compromising on the gold foil as they use synthetic or a duplicate foil instead. So always look for Authenticity Certificate wherever possible. To allay any fear on our customers mind, we at Chola Impressions issue the Authenticity certificate for each and every painting that we make



  • Ask for pictures of Paintings in progress - If you order a painting (instead of purchase of instock paintings from the gallery), ask for snaps of the painting in progress. We are suggesting this because, few people just stick the photocopy of a painting (sometimes a colour print out also) on the board and do some slight retouch on the print out to make it look like a painting. This is wrong on so many levels, but this is followed by some. The issue here is - the print out on absorbing the poster colour and the water from embossed work starts wearing off very soon. This drastically affects the life time of the painting. Sometimes it won't even last for 3 years. An average Tanjore Painting lasts for 100 years or even more if preserved properly



  • Check website/ Google page/ Facebook page before making the purchase - You should always make it a habit to check the website of the manufacturer, their google and facebook pages - especially the customer reviews. 
    • Check website for pricing. If the pricing is not mentioned, it means the pricing is not transparent and you can't create a benchmark and it is difficult to make a decision
    • Google page - This will give you the complete picture of a manufacturer and their reputation. This will give you the various platforms the manufacturer is present which eases the decision making
    • Facebook page - It gives you the access to the entire timeline of a manufacturer - various paintings made and the styles being made. Dropping a message on facebook page helps you understand the responsiveness of the manufacturer and the approachability
    • Facebook & Google Reviews - These are very important while making the final call. Look for the specific terms customers have used while giving the feedback. This will give you the final green light for the purchase




  • There are other indicators too for authentic paintings - but has to be seen as a combination of all the above aspects. Like if the manufacturer agrees to give without the frame. In this case, you can thoroughly check most aspects
    1. The quality of plywood used - Waterproof is preferred which we use for all our paintings. Added advantage if it is borer and termite proof - all our plywood are compliant to this
    2. Cloth used. This will expose if a photocopy or print out is used in place of cloth and hand drawn sketch
    3. Gold foil: You can even check if it is a real 22 carat gold foil or a synthetic foil. We will highlight this process in another post as to how to find the difference between original and imitation foil


  • Last but not the least. Buy Tanjore Paintings from Tanjore itself. There are so many galleries and talented artists in Tanjore making the paintings in the most traditional and authentic way. We in Tanjore make it much much better than the companies in Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and elsewhere in terms of authenticity and artistic features. We see it as a divine work, but elsewhere it is seen as a business and mass production thing. Why buy Tanjore Paintings elsewhere when you can buy from Tanjore itself?

We hope all the important aspects of Tanjore Paintings are covered in this post. We will keep adding more points & links to this article in the future so that it can be used as a ready reference by everyone. The work is divine, and we intend to keep it that way devoid of any impurities while making it



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