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The Best of Goddess Lakshmi Tanjore Paintings

We have listed some of the best Lakshmi Devi Tanjore Paintings made by us in the past. Each one is unique. Read through the blog to know the difference

This Lakshmi depicts the Dhana Lakshmi form as Golden coins are falling from the pot into the tray. At the same time, there are two elephants on the top corner in embossed area. As a result, this painting of Lakshmi can be considered both Gajalakshmi or Dhanalakshmi subjective to the observer. This is an exclusive collection of Chola Impressions


This is a Gaja Lakshmi Painting. Due importance given to Gaja 'Elephants'. They are depicted in the grandest way showering holy water on Goddess Lakshmi. This Lakshmi is seated on a huge Lotus residing in a large water body. And lot of other small lotuses can be seen in the water body. This painting is full of colour play and less gold foil. But the art work in the water, lotus and garland is immense. You can see the reflection effect on the water and also the bluish and pinking hue that makes Lakshmi Devi stand out in her Green sari.

Above Gajalakshmi is the most traditional form depicted in Tanjore style. Saree is either Scarlet Red (dark) or Green. For the former, prussian blue is used as the background and for the latter, crimson or scarlet Red is used as the background. For this Gajalakshmi, we have depicted Saree in Green and used Crimson red as the background. The elephant is either light blue or flesh tint. Lakshmi Herself is sometimes depicted in flesh tint colour. Here it is yellowish. These are the total variations within this traditional Gaja Lakshmi. Depending on ones taste and liking, we help make the most traditional Gaja Lakshmi in Tanjore style 



The above painting is of Ashtalakshmi in the size 24x18 (painting size only) with Vishnu Lakshmi in the centre. In this model, saree of Lakshmi devi is depicted using 22 carat gold foil. Same goes for Lord Vishnu also. 

If less gold foil work is preferred, then one can go for Ashtalakshmi with various Saree colours depicting the nature of that particular Lakshmi. It will be a riot of colours and has rich look. The below model has that kind of depiction

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