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Ramar Pattabishekam (Ram Darbar) Tanjore Paintings - the story and various models

Welcome to Chola Impressions Blog section. In addition to making authentic and beautiful tanjore paintings, this is our attempt to highlight to importance of each tanjore painting and the story behind it. 

In this article, we will discuss about the Ramar Pattabishegam painting, the characters in it and the story behind it.

Ramar pattabishegam 15 inches x 12 inches

In its simplest form, Ramar Pattabishekam has ony 6 characters. This painting is sometimes called as Kodanda Ramar Painting also. It has Lord Ram, Lakshman, Lord Hanuman, Sita Devi, Bharath, Shatrugnan. It is shown below, portrayed in Antique model/ antique finish. Antique finish has paintings done in style used in olden days. You can notice the difference in God's face and the colours used.


Ramar Pattabishekam 1.5 ft x 1.25 ft size with Frame



In its grander form, the painting has 30 to 35 characters. 

Below painting is a 2ft x 1.5 ft painting


The portrayal is the most traditional form. Ram sitting on the throne in a majestic form with Sita Devi sitting adjacent to him. Lakshman holds the royal umbrella. Bharath, Shatrugnan stand respectfully and Lord Hanuman sitting on the ground holding the feet of Lord Ram with a lot of devotion.

Saptarishis are seen blessing the divine couple on successful return to Ayodhya. Rishi Narad being an ardent devotee of Lord Narayan wouldn't miss the great occasion and he promptly attends the ceremony of Narayna's avatar.

Other prominent members seen are Jambhavan who is a close friend of Lord Hanuman, Vibhishanan who is a devotee of Ram inspite of being a brother of Ravana. Ministers and Other local kings and are also present for the coronation ceremony. Vanara Sena who were very instrumental in rescuing Sita Devi from Ravan are also given a special place in the ceremony. It was a great occasion as the God in the form of man (an ideal man) takes back his rightful place in the kingdom.


3 ft x 2 ft Ramar Pattabishegam Painting - A Chola Imperssions Masterpiece:

Above Painting is our masterpiece. The sketch was developed by us to show the coronation ceremony is the most magnificent way

Above image is to demonstrate the size of the painting

4 ft x 3 ft Ramar Pattabishegam Painting:

Paintings of this size and above are made on order basis



You can click on the respective images to place the orders or alternatively you may contact us on +91-7875054510 or mail us at connect@cholaimpressions.com. The paintings are made in the most traditional and authentic methods in Tanjore with the most experienced artists who have dedicated their lives to Tanjore Painitngs. Certificate of authenticity is issued for the 22 carat gold foil used in each painting we make



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