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Some interesting facts about Tanjore Paintings that you may not have heard about


How about some really interesting facts about Tanjore Paintings?


1. Thanjavur Paintings always have a story to tell, they predominantly portray Hindu gods, goddesses and saints. Episodes taken from Hindu Puranas, Sthala-puranas and other religious texts were visually interpreted, sketched or traced and painted with the main deity or saint placed in the central section of the picture, and surrounded by several other supplementary figures, themes and subjects.

2. There are also many instances where Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and other religious and even secular subjects were depicted in Thanjavur paintings. (Click on the below images to get the complete details of the Guru Nanak & Jesus Christ paintings)

3. Thanjavur paintings not only have prominence in India, but also have their stand internationally, the British and Victorial & Albert museums in England house a large collection of Thanjavur paintings and the National Museum of Copenhagen also houses a fine collection of Thanjavur paintings.


4. Traditionally diamonds and rubies were used, they however are now replaced with semi-precious or glass stones. Similarly, vegetable dyes have now been replaced by chemical paints.


5. Painters generally give a three dimensional effect to the pictures they paint, such paintings appear in various sizes ranging from huge works spanning an entire wall to miniatures no longer than 6-inches square. Check out our full emboss Balaji Painting



Hope you liked them. We will get back to you with more such interesting facts!

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