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Nataraja Tanjore Art Shield - An age old Art form thriving till date

Nataraja Tanjore Art shield/ Art Plate:

Nataraja  is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva as the cosmic ecstatic dancer. His dance is called Tandavam or Nadanta, depending on the context of the dance

The shield is made of pure Silver, Brass and Copper. The central subject (Nataraja here) is made of Silver. The base is a polished circular brass plate made to perfection. The flower-like border encircling Lord Nataraja are made of Copper and silver in an alternative fashion as seen in the image


This elegant Nataraja (Shiva as the cosmic dancer) Tanjore Art plate is both wall hanging and table-top art item. It gives the space a classic look. Brass being naturally anti-bacterial, it keeps the surrounding healthy in addition to the pleasant feeling it gives on looking at the shield.

The shield is detailed to perfection in every aspect - the symbolism of Nataraja, smooth finish of the brass plate, symmetrical placement of the design around Shiva, to mention a few


It has a transparent mica/ fiber glass doom on the front preventing the shield from oxidation. Gathering the feedback from various customers to make it as a table top item, we have got this hand carved foldable wooden stand to house the shield. Check out the wooden stand


This shield can be bought from our site here: Buy Nataraja Art Shield 



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