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Materials needed to make Tanjore Paintings - Welcome Kit

In this section, we will discuss about the materials needed to make Tanjore Paintings. This could very well be the welcome kit for beginners.

We have already discussed in our previous blog How Tanjore Paintings are made in general. We have also shown the Step by step illustration of making of Durga Tanjore painting in our previous blog. To make it useful for the user, we are adding this article so that you can try making Tanjore Paintings yourself. We believe that this will serve as a starting point for beginners.

List of materials needed for the making of Tanjore Paintings

  • Plywood
  • Canvas
  • Jaipur Stones - Sizes and shapes as needed
  • American Diamond
  • Arabic gum  - to stick gold foil
  • Chalk Powder for muck preparation
  • 22 carat Gold foil
  • Poster Colors
  • Brush Set

These are the basic materials needed to make Tanjore Paintings. Once the painting is made, it could be framed with a regular teak wood frame or a Chettinad type frame. Some might want acrylic frame that have golden strip to make it look modern. So, it depends on ones needs.

This is the exhaustive list of materials needed. So, what are you waiting for. Get the materials and get going.


And one more thing - if you are in need of any of these materials, you can place order through the link: Buy Tanjore Painting Materials online

Have a great day! :)


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