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How Tanjore Paintings evolved over time & contribution of Chola Impressions

Necessity is the mother of invention. And that's what exactly the modern day artists have effected changes to the age old Tanjore Painting. The methodologies have evolved over time. Find out how:

Thanjavur paintings that are made in the present day is not with the rigour and virtuosity that marked the paintings of yore. 'Revival' programs, Exhibitions, Workshops and Training camps on Thanjavur paintings are being held regularly by many institutions including State Governments. The materials used have changed according to the cost, ease of availability and the choice of individual artist.

Plywood, for example has by and large replaced Jack and teak wood. Synthetic colours and adhesives are preferred over the natural and mineral colours and other traditional components like neem tree gum that repels insects and keeps the painting unharmed for long. You may go through the complete list of items needed to make Tanjore Paintings here.

In addition to the traditional subjects, a wide range of popular and modern subjects and themes are being depicted in Thanjavur paintings. Bengali style, Indonesian style and other fusion style (Kerala Mural Tanjore Painting made by Chola Impressions) has evolved over time. Chola Impressions takes pride in helping Tanjore Paintings evolve (check Chola Impressions Exclusives) to have a wider reach and hence revitalizing the dying art. 

While it is a happy development that this traditional art continues to hold its sway, the brazen commercialization and lack of aesthetics, usage of synthetic gold foils instead of the 22 carat gold foil are disturbing trends. Be that as it may, Thanjavur paintings - the style and aesthetics continue to inspire many contemporary artists. The Calendar prints of C. Kondiah Raju and his student followers, marked by an iconic solidness as against the western naturalism of Raja Ravi Varma, are examples of the continued influence of Tanjore paintings in modern, popular and academic art. We at Chola Impressions are striving to keep the art form pure in its original form as much as we could (and more than anyone else), but at the same time keeping the art abreast of the developments, to suit the modern world. In short - Traditional & Exquisite, yet much relevant.


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