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How Tanjore paintings are made?


Here is a quick information on the making of the beautiful art


Tanjore paintings are known for their rich color, surface richness and compact Composition. Highly durable glow can be obtained in these paintings. Paintings are adorned with rich semiprecious stones, glass pieces and gold foil that add colour to the surrounding. To add 3D effect, painters use limestones on binging. 


 Themes of most of the paintings are Hindu god and goddesses and saints. However in modern days, gods of other religions have become common subjects.The paintings are made on canvas glued to wood. Neem Glue is used that protects paintings from insects and Termites. Wooden frame enhances the beauty of the paintings. Tanjore Paintings come in three finishes - classic, embossed, and unique. Traditionally, high quality 22-carat gold foil was used however in recent times, the paintings are made of gold foil with little gold composition to make it affordable to everyone. Tanjore paintings hold unique history in culture of medieval India. In modern times these paintings has become souvenirs. It has become most sought out item in galleries of India and abroad.


The early paintings were embedded with real Diamonds, Rubies and other precious stones. Later, use of semi-precious & artificial stones gained popularity. There are some examples of this art in the "Saraswathi Mahal Library", in Tanjore set up & developed by KING SARFOJI. This monarch, who reigned from 1798 to 1832, to whom we owe the "Ganesha shrine" in the "Tanjore Big Temple", played an important part in the history of the art of his times.


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