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Big temple chariot festival 2016 held on 18 Apr

Ther Thiruvizha (Chariotfestival) in Thanjavur Brihadeeshwara Temple on the occasion of the Chithirai beginning. Few snaps to summarize the festival

Image courtesy: Shanmuganathan Thanjai and Sastha Prakash

And this happened exactly on the ‪World Heritage Day‬. Strange coincidence?

In 2015, Big temple chariot festival was held after 100 years. It was the first time in a hundred years that the chariot festival of the Big Temple, constructed by Chola King Rajaraja I over 1,000 years ago, was being held.

Special poojas commenced early in the morning after which the processional deities were brought to the newly constructed chariot base on the West Main Street. Amid Vedic chanting, the people pulled the decorated chariot, which stood the height of around 50 feet.

The well-crafted chariot, all of 40 tonne and sporting 360 wooden icons depicting various important mythological events on all its facets, rolled on with a majestic gait.

The main thoroughfares — West Main Street, North Main Street, East Main Street and the South Main Street — on which the chariot travels were paved afresh and encroachments removed to clear the path for unhindered movement of the car. The chariot was halted at important junctions where devotees gave their offerings.

A total of six chariots participated in the festival carrying various deities as per tradition

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