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Geographical Indication for Tanjore Arts


The Dancing dolls (Thalai Aaatti Bommai - literally means: head nodding doll) of Thanjavur can now boast of one more feature: the Geographical Indication (GI) mark; similar to Champagne from France and Port Wine from Portugal.




The doll has been included in the Government of India's GI Registry, a statutory recognition of the toy's geographical origin to the Thanjavur region. From now on, the term dancing doll of Thanjavur would refer only to the authentic Raja-Rani (King-Queen) pair, which stand on a curved pedestal as seen in the piture on the left. The GI-registered dolls, which are believed to have come to Thanjavur during King Sarafoji's regime in the early 19th century.




These dolls are are unique as they come to vertical and upright position always when someone gives them a slight push to disturb its equilibrium, thanks to a clay tablet placed inside the round curved pedestal. Understandably, the doll is heavy at the bottom


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